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About Construction Safety Audit Scoring System (ConSASS)


The ConSASS aims to provide a unified assessment method in terms of standardisation of audit checklist and adoption of a common audit scoring system. This will enhance the consistency in the auditing process and allow cross comparison of worksites in terms of the capabilities in managing WSH risks. It will also enable the Management of the worksite to systematically focus on specific elements to improve the overall maturity of their SHMS to manage WSH risks.

The ConSASS consists of an audit checklist, interview sheet and score card to evaluate the effectiveness and maturity level of the company’s SHMS.

The ConSASS audit checklist is derived from:

  • SS ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational health and safety management system

  • SS 679: 2021 Code of practice for workplace safety and health management systems for construction worksites

  • Relevant Approval Code of Practices (ACOP) published by Workplace Safety and Health Council

The consolidation provides WSH auditors the convenience of using one checklist to fulfil its primary function of assessing the company’s SHMS, for readiness of SS ISO 45001 certification or worksite regulatory compliance. The score card tabulates the results obtained from the different SHMS elements audited. Its purpose is to give a quick and easy visualisation of the maturity of the different elements in the SHMS and thus provides an idea of resource allocation to the company’s Management or responsible personnel to improve on weak areas or targeted elements in the system.

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Ace EHS Singapore Pte Ltd provides ConSASS auditing services to help organizations achieve excellence is workplace safety and health.

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